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Go to bed.

Peter Alves
Name: Peter Alves
Occupation: Laboratory Technician
PB: Steve Burns

History: The human body requires a tremendous amount of sleep and a moderate amount of food to survive. Peter Alves, being only human, is no exception; unfortunately, as a child he confused one need with the other and never really straightened the matter out. As a self proclaimed insomniac, Peter spends his nights awake and his days stealing moments to nap. Even if he only finds three free minutes, Peter will spend them leaning against a wall with his eyes closed.

Although, he gives the appearance of a man who hasn't slept... ever--he considers the dark circles under his eyes as fashion accessories--his habits have yet to affect his work. His record is spotless: not a missed day, nor a botched test. Further, despite his appearance, he seems to have an unnatural amount of energy. Of course, any amount of energy would seem unnatural, but Peter could be easily compared to a college student who can stay up all till dawn partying, then cram for an exam at 8, still get an A, and then spend the next night partying.

Although Peter is certainly not anti-social, his odd schedule tends to zap his people-time. Most of his social life exists on the Internet at 3 AM. Still, every now and then he makes time for friends, and he loves parties, although he doesn't drink. His sense of humor is keen, but gentle--he tends to make follow-up jokes more than wisecracks--and based mostly on observation, as he is extremely visually oriented. When he's not catching a minute of rest, it would be easiest to find Peter in the cafeteria. He'll eat pretty much anything: always going for "seconds," even when "firsts" were enough for two.

Most would say that Peter comes across as a very innocent person, but not naive. All in all, he is pleasant, genuine nice guy
History: Peter was born in Toronto, Canada, but his family moved to New York, New York when he was a teenager. Eventually, he attended college at NYU, and graduated with a degrees in chemistry and computer science. He followed with training to become a laboratory technician.

He took his first job at New York Methodist. He worked there for a year, before taking a better paying job at Bellevue Hospital Center. As of very recently, he accepted a position as a technician at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, in Princeton, New Jersey.

Peter is the youngest in his family, with two sisters. Both are much older than he, married, and live in Toronto. His parents finally retired in Miami, Florida. Peter himself now lives in New Jersey. In New York, he had several roommates, but now lives alone.

Twice, he's been engaged, but Peter is currently single. He also refuses to talk about these relationships, as they (obviously) ended badly. He dated Sarah through college, but the engagement ended when she left to continue her studies in Europe. The two no longer keep in contact. More important would be Rebecca, the love of his life (thus far) who "recently" left him for another man. They do speak from time-to-time.

Other: If spotted napping on a bench or against the wall, he is rarely actually asleep. When Peter is asleep, he snores.
Plays guitar.

Style of dress: Always in scrubs at the job. Usually in clean scrubs at his leisure. Or in sweats. He values comfort over fashion.